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- Application
/ Re: QuikSilver!
« on: April 09, 2016, 12:37:54 PM »
Thanks for applying. Join us on Teamspeak man, let us get to know you.


- General
/ Re: Will not be here
« on: March 13, 2016, 12:25:58 AM »
Sorry to hear that Carmy  :'(


- Application
/ Re: LEEFFM [Accepted]
« on: February 25, 2016, 10:42:25 PM »


- Application
« on: February 24, 2016, 11:43:48 PM »
With a name like Liberty, sure makes me wanna say MERICA!


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/ Re: Scrim
« on: February 18, 2016, 05:01:42 PM »
So let's try it this Saturday 10 pm est time. Agreeeeee?

I think he ment from my post in the shoutbox that friday night at 10PM EST. I'll be there, Nick is going to be there, I know SNIKKS will. Just want everyone to be informed if they want to be part in it.


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/ Re: Oldie but Goodie
« on: February 13, 2016, 07:05:19 PM »
Thats the good ol competition days for ya.  :'(


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/ Re: Scrim
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:27:03 PM »
Hey guys, been wondering if anyone is willing to set up a little scrim between us neXus players. Like a 4v4, best of 5 or 7. Just trying to spice things up and build/test our teamwork and communication with each other in-game. Let's set a time and date....?? What do y'all think?

You dont want non of that strat life son, I'll shoot your face off. Let's do this!


- News & Announcements
/ Re: Server Donations
« on: January 30, 2016, 01:57:52 PM »
Right section of the front page under TS info. There is make a donation button.


- News & Announcements
/ Server Donations
« on: January 30, 2016, 01:23:28 PM »
We need 10$ more to reach this month's goal before it ends to help reach our goal of 50$ to show appreciation for Nick and what he has done for us as a team with sponsoring our servers with his own. Just want to point out that donations are not mandatory but appreciated, anything you can donate does help.

Don't forget, when anyone of us are playing and it happens to be a semi or full server to give a shout out in the servers with to help promote Nick and his business & company. He may be neXus but he is also our friend and supporter and we should do whatever we can to help in supporting him.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our servers in the past. Special thanks to SN!KKS, hyPe, & Rene from myself for that & thank you to whom supports our server cost in advance in the future.



- Application
/ Re: Guwop
« on: December 31, 2015, 11:18:37 PM »
Cause TS gives us the ability to get to know you. Hanging with us increases your chances, we don't just recruit anyone.


- General
/ Re: Had fun on server!
« on: December 02, 2015, 09:17:16 PM »
Welcome to the site, glad you have fun on our servers. We tend to have them going almost every night your welcome to join us anytime or join us on teamspeak.


- News & Announcements
« on: November 27, 2015, 05:20:53 PM »
Happy Turkey Day!


- General
/ Re: Scrims
« on: November 16, 2015, 12:24:59 PM »
Shady, my clan is mainly a bridge clan yes, but we are trying to expand our game play to other maps, another reason we are trying to set up the scrims

That's great bro, really awesome to hear! We are mostly the only competitive players left in this game so whenever you guys want to have a scrim or numerous ones just let us know or hop on TS and we can set something up anytime.  Sounds like this could be a lot of fun!


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/ Re: Scrims
« on: November 16, 2015, 10:49:37 AM »
This is an Anti Bridge team, just saying lol  8)


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« on: November 03, 2015, 05:33:10 PM »

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